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My interest in geometric patterns started in early childhood, when I got mesmerized by visual qualities of Persian rugs. Abstract geometric shapes and floral decorations, all repeated in intricate symmetries was back then unknown magic to me that I was strongly attracted to. As I grew up I knew exactly what I wanted to do - but I didn't know how... Simply because it's impossible to find any informations on topic that has no name in your vocabulary... But my desire to design object with those magical patterns was strong. Back then I didn't know they are called islamic geometric patterns and I had no clue, how to construct them. But once I've discovered some hints, whole new world opened to me. And few laters later, it still feels like I've only scratched the surface with patterns and its  possibilities. It's huge field with many rabbit holes and each one contains exciting content... Looking forward to share my discoveries from pattern field and to see where my curiosity leads me!

"contemporary look to traditional patterns"

I don't limit myself to one medium. Love to work with glass and equally love to design digitally - simply because it has undo button. To get as close as possible to my ideas I pre-plan my work (digitally). Especially convenient when not sure about colour placement. 

My work is in private collections in Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Qatar, Spain, Switzerland, USA.


Hana Michalec

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